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Hi, I'm Kai. I strive to make technology more accessible and our lives more predictable.
-General love for science, hacking and playing with tech- I work as an Project Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Media Desing, Keio University, Japan. more


20 Oct 2014 visiting Tokuda Lab, Slides.
01-05 Sep 2014 attending a Dagstuhl Seminar.
28-31 Jul 2014 attending MIRU in Okayama.
19-22 Jul 2014 attending APCV in Takamatsu Slides on Speaker Deck.
22-29 Jun 2014 attending Big Data Workshop, Goldrain, Italy. Slides (2MB).
16-19 Jun 2014 attending IDAKS Workshop, Dresden.
1-5 Apr 2014 attending a Sino-German Symposium, Kaiserslautern.
5-7 Mar 2014 attending Augmented Human.

Recent Blog Posts

Eye-Wear Computing

Smart glasses and, in general, eyewear are a fairly novel device class with a lot of possibilities for unobtrusive activity tracking. That's why I'm very excited to be working in the Team of Masahiko Inami Sensei at Keio Media Design to do research on J!NS MEME.

November 30, 2014

Google Glass for Older Adults

As the first article about my grandparents using Google Glass received a lot of interest, I decided to delve a little bit more into the topic.

August 24, 2014

Looking forward to ISWC/Ubicomp 2014

With roughly around 1 month to go, we are busy with demo preparations etc.

August 10, 2014

Augmented Human 2014

Innovative research, that makes you first laugh and then think. The conference develops into one of my favorite venues.

March 19, 2014

Beyond FuturICT

Attending the International Symposium on Service Systems Science in Tokyo, I got a glimpse on how the progress and the next steps of FuturICT ...

March 5, 2014

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