Kai @ Siggraph

My second Siggraph was pretty amazing again. Unfortunately, we had another emerging technology exhibit, so my time joining the main conference was limited.

We presented atmoSphere and had great feedback.

A short description from the abstract:

We use cross-modal correspondence -the interaction between two or more sensory modalities- to create an engaging user experience. We present atmoSphere, a system that provides users immersive music experiences using spatial audio and haptic feedback. We focused on cross-modality of auditory and haptic sensations to augment the sound environment. e atmoSphere consists of a spatialized music and a sphere shaped device which provides haptic feedback. It provides users imagination of large sound environment although they feel haptic sensation in their hands. First user feed- back is very encouraging. According to participants, atmoSphere creates an engaging experience.

From KMD, there were an additional 3 Emerging Technologies exhibits. Metalimbs won well-earned the best demonstration award.

Well earned!