JST Presto Project on Open Eyewear

I’m excited and happy to be one of few non-Japanese researchers to receive a JST Presto (Sakigake) project grant, on the Topic Open Collective Eyewear.

Information unfortunately in Japanese: JST Annoucement

Here’s a short summary about the project direction and goals.

Attention is a finite resource, and we need to use it smartly. We need new tools to manage our attention better, to improve our collective intelligence. There are patterns in human physiological signals (facial expressions, heart rate, nose temperature, eye movements, blinks, etc.) that can reveal information about intentions and cognitive functions of individuals and groups. So far, this data is only heavily exploited by advertisement and marketing companies. This project aims at exploring these patterns using an Open Eyewear Platform to understand our behavior better.


This project is interdisciplinary research focusing on the use of patterns in physiological signals to quantify and improve our daily practices using a smart glasses design. First, we assess the link between behavior patterns/physiological signals and social/cognitive functions using specialized medical hardware (ground truth) and we quantify them in real life (from the lab to everyday life). In a second step, we explore interactions to improve behavior: learn smarter, work smarter, live smarter.

Two publications that are the basis for the project and a good summary of previous work: