ISWC and UbiComp in Heidelberg

It’s a strange feeling to have UbiComp and ISWC so close to my home. Amazing organization and impressive research and meeting old friends.

Some personal highlights (in random order):

Skin Reading: Encoding Text in a 6-Channel Haptic Display Granit Luzhnica, Eduardo Veas, Viktoria Pammer

Smart Soccer Shoe: Monitoring Foot-Ball Interaction with Shoe Integrated Textile Pressure Sensor Matrix Bo Zhou, Markus Wirth, Christine Martindale, Harald Koerger, Constantin Zwick, Heber Cruz, Bjoern Eskofier, Paul Lukowicz

MoodLens: Restoring Non-Verbal Communication with an In-Lens Fiber Optic Display Angela Vujic, Thad Starner, Melody Jackson

Cognitive rhythms: unobtrusive and continuous sensing of alertness using a mobile phone Saeed Abdullah, Elizabeth L. Murnane, Mark Matthews, Matthew Kay, Julie A. Kientz, Geri Gay, Tanzeem Choudhury

We also had a couple of papers accepted. Thanks again for the great team (a lot of them also helping as student volunteers :) )