Frisson Waves

Augmenting Aesthetic Chills in Classical Music Performances

A picture from the performance.

Frisson is a feeling as well as an experience of physical reactions such as shivers, tingling skin, and goosebumps. In this work, we propose Frisson Waves, an exploratory real-time system to detect, trigger and share frisson in a wave-like pattern over audience members during music performances. The system consists of a physiological sensing wristband for detecting frisson and a thermo-haptic neckband for inducing frisson.

This research explores the framework for accessing, triggering and sharing frisson. This research aims to enhance live performances experience of using entrainment through facilitating interpersonal transmission of embodied sensation, frisson. We present background, concept design and system development.

Siggraph Asia Emerging Technologies Description

IEEE World Haptics Work-In-Progress about the Neck Actuation

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