Augmented Humans 2020

Taking a conference online

Stelarc presenting his work to the Online attendees.

On 16-17 March 2020, we co-organized the Augmented Humans conference in Kaiserslautern.. Due to the circumstances related to COVID-19, we moved to a fully virtual event and cancelled the physical event on 13th March. The whole team was struggling and especially thanks to all of the chairs it came together quite well.

On Sunday, just we met (only 2 people, disinfection materials, social distancing and mask wearing in place) to pre-record Stelarc’s Keynote


Stelarc showing the ear on his arm during the AHS keynote.

The keynote was streamed on Monday morning. Stelarc was available during the streaming to answer questions in the chat and also took several questions after it over Zoom. I was suprised how well it worked.

The chat worked as a perfect back channel, a lot of researchers engaged posed questions and provided interesting insights.