31C3 Talk Slides: Eye Wear Computing

I got tremendous, positive feedback. Thanks a lot! Even Heise had a news post about it. http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/31C3-Mit-smarten-Brillen-das-Gehirn-ausforschen-2507482.html (Although I cannot and don’t want to read your thoughts, as the article implies ;-) ).

Video on Youtube:

Slides on Speakerdeck:

I got mixed some feedback on twitter. Some people mentioned that I’m working on spy wear helping the surveillance state… I believe that the research I do is necessary to be out in the open for the society to discuss the merits and problems. I want to make sure that we can maximise the benefit for the individual for the tech I develop and minimize abuse from military, companies and governments. Please contact me if you want to discuss privacy issues or found concrete problems with my work.