Some of my favorites from the 29c3 recordings

Over the last weeks, I finally got around to watch some of the 29c3 recordings. Here are some of my favorites. I will update the list accordingly.

I link to the official recording available from the CCC domain. The talks however are also on youtube. Just search for the talk title.

In General, I found most talks focused on security, sadly not really my main interest. I missed some research and culture talks that were present the last years. Examples from the last years:Data Mining for Hackers awesome talk!! or one of Bicyclemark episodes. Bicylcemark we miss you :)


Out of the hacking talks, for me by far the most entertaining was Hacking Cisco Phones. Scary and so cool. Ang Cui and Michael Costello are also quite good presenters. The hand-drawn slides give the visuals also a nice touch. I won’t spoil the contents. just watch it.

So far my most favorite talk is Romantic Hackers by Anne Marggraf-Turley and Prof. Richard Marggraf-Turley. About surveillance andy hackers in the Romantic period. I was not aware that the privacy problems and the ideas about pervasive surveillance had been discussed and encountered so early in human history. Very Insightful and fun.

The Tamagochi Talk was fun. Although the speaker seemed to be a bit nervous (listening to her voice), she gave some great insides how Tamagochis work and how to hack them.

The keynote from Jacob Applebaum, Not my department is a call to action for the tech community discussing about the responsibilities we have regarding our research and how it might be used. Although Applebaum is a great public speaker and the topic is of utmost importance, for some people new to the discussion it might seem a bit out of context and difficult to understand.


If you can speak German or want to practice it, check them out … Of course, the usual subjects Fnord News Show and Security Nightmares are always great candidates to watch.

I’m also always looking forward to the yearly Martin Haase Talk. Unfortunately, the official release is not online yet. Interesting especially for language geeks.

The talk Are fair computers possible? explores what needs to change in manufacturing standards etc. to produce computers without child labor and fair employment conditions for all workers involved.