Laughing Faces App in the AppStore

Over the last couple of weeks, I was getting settled in my new job. As I’m working with computer vision researchers now, I started playing with the camera api for the iPhone.

Again, I’m very surprised by the accessibility and quality of Apples apis and their sample code.

Laughing Face

As a start, this little app is a “privacy enhanced” camera app for entertainment purposes. It uses face detection and draws a little laughing face on top of each recognized head in real time. I hesitated putting it in the store, yet was asked by some friends to do so (had to exchange the laughing face due to copyright constraints).

Grab it while it’s hot … it’s quite popular in Japan (understandable given the background, see below), China and Saudi Arabia (of all places, … if somebody can tell me why, please send me a mail): Laughing Faces AppStore Link

By the way, I had over 250 downloads the first day :) Oh if you wonder, the inspiration came from Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex

If people bug me enough, I will make the png exchangable. Cannot tell you too much, yet expect an update when iOS6 hits.